Privacy Policy


This Privacy Policy describes how we handle your personal information for our Service on Skymind and related websites,工具,and applications.它通常适用于在www.www.ramirtha.com网站和内容(以下简称“网站”)上收集的信息,或通过使用我们的服务。本隐私政策中使用的大写术语应具有本协议或网站上发布的服务条款中规定的含义。

通过接受隐私政策和服务条款,你明确同意我们的收藏,storage,use and disclosure of your personal information as described in this Privacy Policy.本隐私政策自新用户接受之日起生效,否则自6月1日起生效。2016。

B.Types of Data

We Collect "Personal Data" means data that allows someone to identify or yabo赛车contact you,包括,例如,your name,公司,电话号码,电子邮件地址,以及与上述任何数据相关或链接到上述任何数据的任何其他非公开信息。yabo亚博金融投注“匿名数据”是指与您的个人数据没有关联或链接的数据;匿名数据没有,by itself,允许识别个人。We collect Personal Data and Anonymous Data,如下所述。

You can browse our Website without telling us who you are or revealing any Personal Data yabo亚博金融投注about yourself.Once you give us your Personal Data,you are not anonymous to us.如果你选择向我们提供个人资料,您同意在我们位于美国的服务器上传输和存储这些信息。

  • 电子邮件地址,电话号码和实际联系信息。yabo赛车
  • Community discussions,聊天,dispute resolution,通过我们的网站通信,以及发给我们的信件。
  • Other information from your interaction with our Website,服务,和内容,包括设备ID,计算机和连接信息,statistics on page views,进出现场的交通,IP address and standard web log information.
  • 来自其他公司的信息,such as demographic and navigation data.
  • 如果您提供反馈或通过电子邮件联系我们,yabo赛车我们将收集您的姓名和电子邮件地址,以及电子邮件中包含的任何其他内容,为了给你答复。
  • 第三方提供的其他补充信息。

Information Collected via Technology

To make our Website and Service more useful to you,我们的服务器(可能由第三方服务提供商托管)从您那里收集信息,包括您的浏览器类型,操作系统,Internet Protocol (IP) address (a number that is automatically assigned to your computer when you use the Internet,which may vary from session to session),domain name,and/or a date/time stamp for your visit.

We also use cookies and URL information to gather information regarding the date and time of your visit and the information for which you searched and which you viewed.“cookies”是网站在您浏览网站时发送到计算机硬盘的一小段信息。我们可以同时使用会话cookie(在您关闭Web浏览器后过期)和持久性cookie(在您删除之前保留在您的计算机上),以便在我们的网站上为您提供更加个性化和交互式的体验。可以按照Internet浏览器帮助文件的说明删除持久cookie。

Information Collected from Third Party Companies

我们可能会从通过联合品牌或私人标签网站提供我们服务的公司或在我们的网站或通过我们的服务提供他yabo亚博金融投注们产品的公司或个人那里收到关于您的个人和/或匿名数据。These third party companies and individuals may supply us with Personal Data.我们可以将此信息添加到我们通过我们的网站从您那里收集的信息中,以改进我们提供的服务。


We may offer single sign-on services that allow you to use third party login credentials to sign into Service.With your permission,Skymind may also transfer to Skymind profile information contained in your third-party profile.Skymind也可以,为了您的使用,enable you to import information yabo亚博金融投注about who you are connected to,as well as enable you to share information with those third-party sites.如果你想停止这种分享,您可以通过首选项页面进行此操作。


您提供的一些(主要是可选的)信息,比如你的全名,may be displayed throughout the Website (and so available to the public) and connected to all of your Skymind activity.向其他用户发送的有关我们网站上可疑活动和违反政策的通知是yabo亚博金融投注指特定项目。所以如果你把你的名字和物品联系起来,the people to whom you have revealed your name will be able to personally identify your Skymind items.


C.Use of Your Personal Data

我们收集个人数据的主要目的是为您提供一个保险箱,光滑的,效率高,and customized experience.

  • Facilitate the creation of and secure your account on our network.
  • 将您标识为系统中的成员。
  • 向您发送欢迎电子邮件,以验证创建帐户时提供的电子邮件地址的所有权。
  • 回复您有关就业机会或其他要求的询问。
  • Provide the Service and customer support you request.
  • 解决争议,collect fees,and troubleshoot problems;防止,detect,调查潜在的禁止或非法活动,执行我们的服务条款。
  • Customize,衡量和改进我们的服务和内容。
  • Tell you yabo亚博金融投注about our Service,service updates,以及根据您的沟通偏好提供的促销活动。
  • Compare information for accuracy,and verify it with third parties.
  • 以及我们收集信息时所描述的其他用途。

Creation of Anonymous Data

We may create Anonymous Data records from Personal Data by excluding information (such as your name) that make the data personally identifiable to you.我们使用这些匿名数据来分析请求和使用模式,以便增强服务的内容并改进站点导航。We reserve the right to use Anonymous Data for any purpose and disclose Anonymous Data to third parties in our sole discretion.


我们可能会披露个人数据以回应法律要求,执行我们的政策,respond to claims that a listing or other content violates the rights of others,or protect anyone's rights,property,还是安全。Such information will be disclosed in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.

  • Service providers under contract who help with our business operations (such as agencies,会员和奖励计划)。
  • Other third parties to whom you explicitly ask us to send your information (or yabo亚博金融投注about whom you are otherwise explicitly notified and consent to when using a specific service).
  • Law enforcement,governmental agencies,or authorized third-parties,针对与刑事调查或涉嫌非法活动或任何其他可能暴露我们的活动有关的经核实的请求,you,或任何其他Skymind成员承担法律责任。In such events,我们将披露与调查有关的信息,such as name,城市,状态,邮政编码,电话号码,电子邮件地址,用户ID历史记录,IP地址,欺诈投诉,bidding and listing history,以及任何我们认为与调查有关的事情。
  • Other business entities,should we plan to merge with or be acquired by that business entity,or any parent company,子公司,or other companies under a common control.(如果出现这种组合,我们将要求新合并实体就您的个人数据遵守此隐私政策。如果您的个人信息将违反本政策,您将收到事先通知。)如果破产,bankruptcy or receivership,your Personal Data may also be transferred as a business asset.

E.No Spam,Spyware or Spoofing

我们和我们的用户不能容忍垃圾邮件。请确保设置您的Skymind通信首选项,以便我们根据您的喜好与您通信。We do not rent or sell these e-mail addresses.

f.访问,Reviewing and Changing Your Personal Data

You may change any of your Personal Data in your account by editing your profile within your account or by sending an e-mail to us at the e-mail address set forth below.You may request deletion of your Personal Data by us,but please note that we may be required to keep this information and not delete it (or to keep this information for a certain time,在这种情况下,只有在我们满足这些要求后,我们才会遵守您的删除请求)。Upon your request,我们将尽快关闭您的帐户并从视图中删除您的个人数据,根据您的账户活动和适用法律。我们保留已关闭账户的个人数据以遵守法律,防止欺诈,收取所欠费用,解决争议,故障排除,assist with any investigations,执行我们的用户协议,采取法律允许的其他行为。


您的信息存储在我们位于美国的服务器上。我们使用各种行业标准的安全技术和程序来帮助保护您的个人数据免受未经授权的访问,使用或披露。然而,你可能知道,第三方可能非法拦截或访问传输或私人通信,and other Users may abuse or misuse your Personal Data that they collect from the Website.Therefore,尽管我们努力保护您的隐私,we do not promise,你不应该期望,您的个人数据或私人通信将始终保持保密。


除非本隐私政策中另有明确规定,本文件仅涉及我们向您收集的信息的使用和披露。如果您在我们的网站或互联网上的其他网站上向其他人披露您的信息,different rules may apply to their use or disclosure of the information you disclose to them.Skymind不控制第三方的隐私政策,在适用的情况下,您必须遵守这些第三方的隐私政策。我们鼓励您在向他人披露您的个人数据之前提出问题。


本隐私政策偶尔会修订。您可以随时在此处查看隐私政策的最新版本。Skymind保留通过向网站发布更新和更改来更新和更改隐私政策的权利。You are advised to check the Privacy Policy from time to time for any updates or changes that may impact you.任何更改将立即对我们服务的新用户生效。无论如何,changes to this Privacy Policy may affect our use of Personal Data that you provided us prior to our notification to you of the changes.If you do not wish to permit changes in our use of your Personal Data,您必须在更改生效日期前通知我们您希望停用您在我们处的帐户。在收到此类变更通知后继续使用我们的网站或服务,应表明您已确认此类变更,并同意受此类变更的条款和条件约束。